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Vada Pav Corner

A Symphony of Tastes

Vada Pav Corner
Vada Pav Corner

Welcome to VADA VIBE VADA PAV JOINT, the ultimate destination for Vada Pav lovers! Enjoy freshly prepared Vada Pav with a focus on quality. Our warm, cozy atmosphere and fast-casual service make every visit a delightful experience. The inviting Industrial/rustic interior attracts students, tourists, seniors, teenagers, young adults, and busy commuters. Indulge in authentic flavors at an affordable price. Come, savor the true joy of Vada Pav at VADA VIBE!

SPACE: Ranging from 70 m² to 100 m²
SEATS: Starting from 23 up to 33 seats
GUESTS PER MONTH: Between 2,994 and 3,592 for the smaller format,
and 4,277 to 5,132 for the larger format
INVESTMENTS: $ 91,532 to $ 101,703 for the smaller format,
and $ 129,989 to $ 144,432 for the larger format.
NET PROFIT PER MONTH: Starting from $8,579 for the smaller format,
and from $ 12,255 for the larger format
PAYBACK PERIOD: 18 and 24 months months
PROFITABILITY: Starting from 37.7%

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