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J's Cup Café

Crafted with love

J's Cup Café
J's Cup Café

Experience convenient, grab-and-go fare without compromising freshness and quality. Step into a cozy haven with warm earth tones, shades of brown, and soft lighting. The industrial/urban interior sets a stylish backdrop. Enjoy fast-casual counter service as coffee enthusiasts, students, professionals, socializers, travelers, and on-the-go customers gather. Indulge in affordable delights ($$) crafted to perfection. J's Café Café - where every visit is an inviting escape to savor exceptional flavors and connect with like-minded souls. Elevate your coffee experience at J's.

SPACE: Ranging from 100 m² to 200 m²
SEATS: Starting from 38 up to 75 seats
GUESTS PER MONTH: Between 6,126 and 8,168 for the smaller format,
and 12,251 to 16,335 for the larger format
INVESTMENTS: $ 181,758 to $ 201,953 for the smaller format,
and $ 361,716 to $ 401,907 for the larger format.
NET PROFIT PER MONTH: Starting from $16,864 for the smaller format,
and from $ 33,728 for the larger format
PAYBACK PERIOD: 20 and 26 months months
PROFITABILITY: Starting from 36.2%

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