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Hoagie Shack

Handcrafted Hoagies

Hoagie Shack
Hoagie Shack

Welcome to HOAGIE SHACK HOAGIE JOINT, your cozy spot for fresh and flavorful Philadelphia Italian Sandwiches. Embrace warm earth tones, red shades, and inviting lighting, creating a comfy ambiance. Enjoy fast-casual or counter service for quick satisfaction. Our Industrial/Urban interior adds contemporary charm, attracting students, tourists, seniors, teenagers, young adults, commuters, and value seekers. Affordable at $$!

SPACE: Ranging from 60 m² to 100 m²
SEATS: Starting from 20 up to 33 seats
GUESTS PER MONTH: Between 2,522 and 3,026 for the smaller format,
and 4,203 to 5,043 for the larger format
INVESTMENTS: $ 78,655 to $ 87,395 for the smaller format,
and $ 129,892 to $ 144,325 for the larger format.
NET PROFIT PER MONTH: Starting from $7,182 for the smaller format,
and from $ 11,970 for the larger format
PAYBACK PERIOD: 19 and 24 months months
PROFITABILITY: Starting from 37.5%

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