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Burger Joint

Smashed with Passion, Served with Love

Burger Joint
Burger Joint

Welcome to Burger Smasher Joint! Indulge in convenient, quality burgers with a focus on freshness. Our warm earth tones, red shades, and cozy lighting create a comfortable atmosphere, inviting you to savor our delicious burgers. Enjoy fast-casual or counter service in our trendy Industrial/Urban interior. Our diverse patrons, including students, tourists, seniors, teenagers, young adults, commuters, and value seekers, love our affordable price point. Come join us for a delightful burger experience today! $

SPACE: Ranging from 90 m² to 100 m²
SEATS: Starting from 29 up to 33 seats
GUESTS PER MONTH: Between 3,982 and 4,778 for the smaller format,
and 4,424 to 5,309 for the larger format
INVESTMENTS: $ 117,344 to $ 130,382 for the smaller format,
and $ 130,182 to $ 144,647 for the larger format.
NET PROFIT PER MONTH: Starting from $11,544 for the smaller format,
and from $ 12,826 for the larger format
PAYBACK PERIOD: 17 and 22 months months
PROFITABILITY: Starting from 38.1%

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