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Banh Mi Nook

Taste the Flavors of Vietnam

Banh Mi Nook
Banh Mi Nook

Welcome to BANH MI JUNCTION VIETNAMESE JOINT, your cozy spot for fresh and convenient Banh mi sandwiches. Embracing warm earth tones, red shades, and inviting lighting, our bohemian interior sets a relaxing ambiance. Enjoy fast-casual service as you savor mouthwatering Banh mi, perfect for students, tourists, seniors, teenagers, commuters, and value seekers. Affordable at $

SPACE: Ranging from 50 m² to 100 m²
SEATS: Starting from 16 up to 33 seats
GUESTS PER MONTH: Between 2,065 and 2,477 for the smaller format,
and 4,129 to 4,955 for the larger format
INVESTMENTS: $ 65,798 to $ 73,109 for the smaller format,
and $ 129,796 to $ 144,218 for the larger format.
NET PROFIT PER MONTH: Starting from $5,842 for the smaller format,
and from $ 11,684 for the larger format
PAYBACK PERIOD: 19 and 25 months months
PROFITABILITY: Starting from 37.2%

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